Q. What is UV Mate?

UV mate is an ultra-portable disinfecting device for groceries, cash, devices and other day to
day items. This folder shaped compact unit unfolds into a tent with a covering base of 4
square feet. Objects to be cleaned can be placed on the base of the tent, which is fitted with
a UV C germicidal lamp capable of killing 99.99 % germs like viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Once switched on the UV C light disinfects in matter of few minutes. The method of UV
disinfection is widely used for killing germs in water, air and even hospital environments.
Even in the current pandemic, it has been successfully applied and recommended for
elimination of virus particles on surfaces.
The treated goods remain unaffected and are completely safe for use. UV mate can be used
for disinfecting both dry and wet objects. In fact treated vegetable and fruits have better
storage due to killing of spoilage microbe on their surface.