Gel based Biofertilizer – Organic

Applicable for all crops, just 25 mL fertilizes – 1 Acre of land.

Improves Yield, Saves Transport, storage, labour costs, Improves soil quality

100% Eco-Friendly

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Gel based Biofertilizer formulation.

For ALL plants

These are condensate plant growth promoting liquid formulations. As less as 25 ml is sufficient for an acre. These products are also compatible with conventional organic inputs such as Panchakavyam, Amritakarasal, Vermicompost, etc. for enhancement of crop-yield and soil quality.

  • Enhances Germination
  • Improves plant growth, immunity
  • Produces crop beneficial enzymes

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  • Carrier: Gel
  • Volume: 25 mL
  • Count: 1010 cfu/ml
  • Stability: 6 months

Seed/Seedling Treatment:

Mix the pack in 2L of water and soak seeds required for an acre. Dry the seeds in shade. The seeds should be sown within 24 hours. For seedlings, dip the roots into this 2 L solution while transplanting.

Soil Application:

The Gel is to be mixed in a bucket of 20L and mixed with the main tank of your irrigation portal (OR) through hand-held sprayer by mixing it to 80L of water. The dosage for a 3 month crop cycle is 2 doses -

1. After sowing seeds/transplantion.

2. One month after first dose.